About Us

We're excited to announce the opening of our NEWEST STORE in Tweed, Ontario. We have a 1600 square foot showroom filled with beautiful, solid wood furniture at terrific prices. Stop in and see all we have to offer!

32 Years and Still Going Strong... thanks to you!

Extending our sincere appreciation to our loyal customers for helping us reach the milestone of thirty plus years in business. We couldn't have done it without you!

Ross & Shelley Bateman

Owners, Ross and Shelley Bateman, travelled across the world to Guangzhou, China, in search of new, exciting and delightfully unique items to bring back to their Canadian customers. These new additions bring an inviting, relaxing and stylish flair to the line of outdoor furniture available at Bateman House. Be one of the first to enjoy these stunning and truly unique pieces!

Following Trends Key to Family Furniture Business

Bateman House Furniture began as a family business in 1989. Thirty years later, managed by the father/daughter team of Ross and Shelley Bateman, it continues to thrive as a local leader in the furniture industry, providing quality wood furnishings at reasonable prices.

Through-out the years market trends have greatly influenced the home furnishings and decorative pieces offered at Bateman House. The Tweed-based business has evolved from its craft show start to manufacturing its own characteristic line to where it stands today - a consumers link to high quality imports. 

Bateman’s labels its furniture as "more urban country; timeless, classic", a sophisticated take on rural design.

Today's markets demand staying on top of current trends and watching those trends is where Shelley has found her niche. Current trends have moved towards economical, visually appealing, long-lasting pieces and Bateman is doing her job to ensure her customers have access. Online and throughout the Bateman House retail stores in Ottawa, Westport, Tweed and Port Carling customers can choose from an extensive line of quality furnishings at great price points, an affordability garnered from the importing and storage of sizable quantities of furniture and decorative pieces.

The log style decor of Big Tree and the eco-friendly furnishings of Renar are the two top companies Bateman House imports from, bringing in container loads of bedroom groupings, dining room sets, reproduction cabinets, futons, indoor/outdoor resin, book shelves, side servers, bar stools, television stands and compact disc consoles for storage at the Bateman's James Street warehouse in Tweed.

"The furniture comes from all over the world" explains Bateman, citing Malaysia, Brazil, China, Vietnam and the United States as her top five import regions. Accent pieces such as pictures, lighting, bedding, mirrors, and mattresses complete the selection. Additionally, Bateman House offers custom made, four season slipcovers, another trend towards economical awareness that consumers can appreciate.

With over 1,000 fabric choices, from floral to classic and leather to cotton, customers can replace worn or stained single sofa arms, backs or cushions at a fraction of the price of complete couch replacement. Likewise, changing slipcovers with each season can transform the look and feel of rooms at huge cost savings. Bateman says some customers have found that after 20 years with a Bateman House sofa, the durable frame is in such great condition that new cushions and fabric is all that is needed to create a new piece.

Due to the import trend, Bateman House has now stopped its manufacturing operation. Buying in volume is the key to success in this business. Bateman will not compromise either quality or the environment when it comes to replenishing stock. All solid wood bunk beds are made from pine renewable forests, in a continued balanced cycle in Brazil.

The Irish Coast/Lifestyle collection is 100% reclaimed solid pine manufactured in Vietnam. Each piece of solid wooden yesteryear furniture is bench built, using only reclaimed and recycled performance polishing oils, to create a genuine aged patina.

Our suppliers process utilizes sustainable products like recycled carton, pva glues and other materials that do not harm our environment.

We are proud to offer products that will bring comfort and functionality to your home and cottage at competitive prices!

Commercial contracts with long-standing customers include Wilderness Tours, Tim Horton's Memorial Camps and Fernley Lodge.

The high quality of all of Bateman House products has ensured Ross and Shelley's success for over twenty-nine years. Their continued pledge to offer customers that same standard of quality while keeping with the times will ensure that success remains.